The Ayurda Team

Our Founder and Ayurvedic Expert, Dr.Ajit

With a Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery degree from India (B.A.M.S), Dr.Ajit is the most experienced Ayurvedic Doctor in Australasia. He is the founding director of Planet Ayurveda (1996), a leading wellness centre in Australiasia where he currently bases his practise. He is highly regarded for his knowledge and expertise in the field of Ayurveda therapy and specialised in Panchakarma- a sought after Ayurvedic detoxification and rejuvenation therapy. Planet Ayurveda is the only complete therapeutic clinic in Australasia. He regularly travels between New Zealand and Australia teaching Ayurvedic Medicine.

He is also the only Doctor outside India who has worked for the Government of India for over 18 years - he held various positions in both Ayurvedic hospitals and pharmacies. As the founding director of Planet Ayurveda, an organization representing the ancient system of medicine, through its three Ayurvedic companies, Dr.Ajit is our Ayurvedic expert and brings with him much Ayurvedic knowledge.

Rippan Sandhu - Co-Founder

RippanSandhu is the co-founder of Ayurda skin care. Using her scientific, technical and Ayurvedic knowledge, Rippan assists Dr Ajit in developing time tested Ayurvedic beauty formulations to create simple, fuss-free skin care products.

Rippan explains how Ayurda was born: "Our customers are ordinary people like myself. Our lives can be very demanding at times and there is no time for complex skin care regimes". And with this simple mantra in mind Ayurda, a simple yet effective skin care that caters to unique skin care and lifestyle needs, was born.

Rippan has been an ardent follower of Ayurveda since childhood but didn't know that this will eventually lead her to create a wellness skin care brand. To complement the retail skin care range, Rippan has created a holistic treatment menu which is currently being offered to beauty and Spa professionals.

She has worked on the concept of Spa Ayurda and opened the first flagship spa named "Spa Ayurda" in 2010. Her background is that of a University Lecturer specialising in science, fashion design and holistic psychology for women and children. Life away from work is focused on family especially her two children.

Favourite Ayurda products?

Too hard! I really like using Hingot Cleanser as I find this makes my skin so soft favourite is Skin rejuvenator that has really helped to even out the skin tone. Lastly a must have is Fortified mudpack as it is fantastic for tightening and toning skin.

Felicity Potter - Owner of Ayurda Australia

Based in the seaside town of Torquay, Victoria, Felicity Potter is the owner of Ayurda Australia and distributes the brand throughout Australia. Her personal vision is to live truthfully and inspire people to feel good, age well and live better.

With over 25 years experience in retail, Felicity is a true believer in good old-fashioned customer service. A strong communicator with a positive outlook for the future, Felicity believes that working in harmony with nature and each other is the way forward.

With health and wellness a priority in her own life she works closely with RippanSandhu, to bring passion and integrity to the Ayurda brand.

A mother of 3, she leads a busy lifestyle and is grateful for what the Ayurvedic philosophy has brought to her life and to her family.

She loves the Ayurda range and loves hearing about all the positive experiences her customers are having. As far as her favourite products, it's simply too hard too pick, she loves them all...


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